Places to Visit Before You Die – The Ultimate Travel Bucket List

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Like Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman did in the popular movie “The Bucket List,” many people take the time to think about the things that they would most like to see and do before they, well, “kick the bucket.” Unlike the characters in the movie, there is no need to wait until a health crisis strikes to start planning your dream travel list.

While a lot of the specifics will vary depending on the person, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

*The Pyramids of Egypt: I’m pretty sure this one makes a lot of people’s lists, for both their historical value and the fact that most of us just think they would be pretty cool to look at.

*Berlin Wall: While most of the wall is now gone, this is still a major tourist draw since the significance of its construction and, later, its fall had a major impact on the eventual reunification of Germany.

*Great Wall of China: Travelers flock to China to see the stone and earth-composed wall that stretches about 4,000 miles across and took centuries to build.

*Ayres Rock in Australia (Uluru): This spectacular rock formation stands at 1142 feet high and has a circumference of 5.8 miles. Visitors report that at any given time of day and in different weather conditions, the rocks appear to change color – from a glowing red at sunset to a silvery-grey during rainfall.

*Sears Tower: This towering skyscraper is the tallest in the United States and the Sears Tower Skydeck is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chicago.

*Statue of Liberty: Long representing freedom and friendship, this world-famous structure remains an important symbol to the United States and the world.

These are only a few of the many places you should consider visiting in your lifetime. Reserve123 has many more suggestions whether you are looking to take a trip in the near future or if you are still brainstorming for sometime down the line.

Jamie Siegel is a travel writer originally from upstate New York. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia and is passionate about all things related to music, pop culture, and, of course, travel.

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